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Used First

In July 2020, Used First became, and all of the features and functionality of Used First can now be found at As many of our former users know, Used First was designed to provide car shoppers with insight as to how well, or how poorly, different vehicle makes and models would retain their value over time. With such, extensive research and analysis was performed to calculate the annual depreciation rates of over 250 vehicle models to date. While this subject was an interest of ours, we weren’t sure if it would be of interest to others - well, now we know. Since its inception in early 2017, has had nearly one million unique visitors to its site, and more recently, we were averaging 60,000 visitors viewing over a 1/4 million vehicle depreciation tables per month! Moreover, the feedback that we received from users was tremendously supportive, and they've asked for more information and better tools along this same theme.

Recognizing that we had something of interest here, but acknowledging our own limitations, the Used First team decided to join up with Digital Value Ventures (DVV), a US-based holding company with interests in the automotive e-commerce space. Concurrent to partnering with DVV, we decided to re-brand ourselves as, a name which we believe better captures the spirit of what we offer to car shoppers. With, we provide all of the depreciation information that we had on the UsedFirst platform, but with a lot more. We now have over 4 million vehicle listings, so that users can now research and shop all in one place. In addition, in the months to come, we will be building functionality into which will include new interactive tools, detailed maintenance and insurance costs by models and much more that we feel will not only educate car shoppers, but empower them.

We believe that all of these changes are a great leap forward for car shoppers, and we are delighted that we can further enlighten consumers with valuable information that they can use before making such a big investment in a new truck or car for their family or business.

Finally, Thank You to all of our loyal followers over the last 3+ years. We're elated that you found our car depreciation site to be helpful, and we look forward to continuing to providing you with even more valuable information as we move forward.

Jeremy M. Hepler
Founder of Used First