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Car Loan Calculator with Amortization

The majority of people who buy cars finance them, as most don't have the flexibility or desire to pay cash. These loans work out just fine in most instances. Things can change quickly however, and individuals may look to get out of their loan early for a variety of reasons.  Borrowers can end up in a situation where the balance on their car loan is worth more than the car itself. This is called being "upside down", and it's not a good thing.

We've created this Loan Balance vs Resale Value tool in order to help you think through your next car loan, so that you can avoid being upside down, as well as determine what financing structure is best for you. Choose a down payment, loan term, and finance rate that fits for you. See what your amortized monthly payments will be, and whether you'll ever be upside down during your loan term. Avoid the problem now, by being informed and educated with your next vehicle purchase.

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